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Questions and Answers

CSA sounds intriguing but the price of admittance seems to put the risk on the consumer, doesn't it?

The consumer does take some of the risk of the process of food production, but the rewards are far greater than the risk. People usually join a CSA for fresh, ripe, and local foods (most store-bought vegetables are picked green and ripen in transit to the store shelf). Thus the idea of consuming pure, fresh vegetables that have not been transported from thousands of miles away is largely the primary reason people subscribe to a CSA. But what is not perhaps so well known is the fact that by buying through a CSA program a selective consumer will actively help keep the small organic grower in business. By marketing through a CSA the grower has the security needed to focus his energy and resources on the production of varied and better crops. This process responsibly takes into consideration environmental concerns and the dynamics of the local economy, thus benefiting everyone.

What if the amount of produce in the box proves to be more than I can consume in a week?

For those who subscribe to the Standard Box there will be little chance of too much vegetables in a given week. However, if you suspect you will end up with more vegetables than needed, a good solution is to find someone to share a subscription with. Some of our subscribers are two families sharing one subscription. Canning and freezing extras are good options, as well as donate your extras to a church or charity institution.

Can I choose which vegetables I receive?

Boxes are pre-packed weekly at the farm prior to delivery. Selection and choice will not be the same as shopping at a grocery store since our produce will be in season according to local climate. We will make all efforts to balance diversity, interest and popularity when selecting items to grow and pack.

What happens if there is a crop failure?

Variations in weather conditions may cause some crops to "fail" or yield less than expected. However, because we grow a wide variety, the absence of one or two items will be easily replaced by a popular item in greater quantity.

I like the idea but, will I end up spending a lot on my produce?

Item per item the CSA price ends up being equal to or less than average weekly purchases of organic produce at the grocery store. Additionally, you will receive truly fresh produce since it will reach you less than 24 hours from harvest. It will be delivered to you, no trips to the store, so you save time and fuel. And because it is local, even if you have to store your produce for a few days, it will always be fresher than produce brought in from California or other far away places. We believe that the high mineral contents in the soil in our farm makes for a very special condition which highly enhances the flavor of most vegetables! We are constantly hearing from our customers on how much better they think our produce tastes compared to anything else they have previously had.

What happens to my box if I am away on vacation or on business on delivery day?

If you are not home on any given delivery day, call a friend or neighbor who would enjoy this delicious food. Subscribers, when going away from home, are responsible for arranging with a neighbor, friend or relative to receive their weekly box. If you will be away for more than a week during the season, please consider donating your box to a food distribution charity institution. Contact us for a list of such entities.

Is it possible to visit the farm?

Members are invited to our yearly Open Farm Day event, held at the farm at the end of each September. As a member, please bring your friends, neighbors, relatives, and anyone who might be interested in joining a CSA. Come see where and how your local food is produced, enjoy some fresh air, sunlight and homemade refreshments. For all other visits, please contact us.

If you need further clarification on any of the answers given above, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to comply.

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