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Vegetable Crops

  Description Value Availability
organic vegetable: arugula Arugula
Versatile salad green. Peppery, nutty flavor, used raw or brazed.
6.00 lb
2.00 bn
organic vegetable: baby bok choy Baby Bok Choy
A type of Chinese chard. Has a range of uses in salads and as a cooked vegetable in stir-fries and casseroles.
2.50 May-June
Mid Sept-Oct.
organic vegetable: bok choy Bok Choy
Larger version of the baby kind, slightly stronger flavor.
1.50 lb May-June
Mid Sept-Oct.
organic herb: basil Basil
Everyone's favorite herb! A classic complement to all tomato dishes and important to Italian cooking. Basil's mouth-watering aroma makes it a versatile herb to use in many different types of food. Example: Can anyone live without pesto?
12.00 lb Mid June-Sept
organic vegetable: green beans Green Beans
The long, firm pods of green beans need almost no introduction since it is arguably one of those universal types of veggies. We grow Provider, the most popular variety on the market.
2.00 lb Mid June-Sept.
organic vegetable: yellow wax beans Yellow Wax Beans
Similar to green beans except for the color and content of vitamins A and C. Best if steamed or stir-fried just until tender but still crisp. Wash well and snap the pointed stem ends off before using.
2.00 lb Mid June-Sept.
organic vegetable: beets Beets
Mostly grown for their edible, fleshy root, has a general stimulant and resistance-enhancing action. Tops are popular with cooks for its zesty quality as an addition to soups and casseroles.
2.50 bn Mid May-June
organic vegetable: sweet bell peppers green and red Sweet Bell Peppers Green & Red
Excellent low-calorie source of vitamins A and C, bell peppers are native to South and Central America.
Christopher Columbus was the first European to encounter sweet bell peppers. Varieties are as abundant as its uses. Excellent roasted or stuffed.
2.00 Late June-Sept
organic vegetable: broccoli Broccoli
A hardy vegetable of the cabbage family that is high in vitamins A and D. Even though former President Bush didn't care for the little green tree, millions of other people do. Great steamed or raw in salads.
2.50 lb June
Late Oct-Nov
organic vegetable: green cabbage Green Cabbage
When introduced to the Mediterranean, Egyptians worshipped cabbage heads as gods enthroned on elaborate altars. It was among the first European plants brought by colonists to the New World. it is no longer worshipped, but nevertheless still a god of a vegetable for a quick fixing.
Loaded with vitamin C and some calcium.
1.00 lb June-mid July
End Oct-Nov
organic vegetable: Napa Cabbage Napa
Oriental cabbage, crispy and sweeter than most types, makes a remarkble presence sheredded raw in salads. Also good for oriental stir-fry style dishes. Like other cabbages it is loaded with vitamin C, fiber, and possibly cancer-fighting compounds to boot.
1.00 lb Mid Oct-Nov
organic vegetable: savoy cabbage Savoy Cabbage
Dark green savoyed cover leaves. Mostly procured for its texture, which lends a bouncy quality to fresh salads. In dishes, it is used as any other type of cabbage.
1.50 lb Mid June & Oct.
organic vegetable: cayenne pepper Cayenne Pepper
A not-so-hot variety of the hot peppers, our cayenne is just right for a little glow in your dish. Excellent for drying or fresh.
2.00 lb Aug-Mid Oct.
organic vegeherb: cilantro Cilantro
Delicious parsley-like shaped herb, it is widely used in Mexican and oriental dishes. As medicine it is used to chelate (remove) heavy metalls from the body.
1.50 bn July-Oct.
organic vegetable: collards Collards
A time-honored tradition in southern kitchens, collard greens have held an important place on southern tables for well over a century, and there is no other vegetable that is quite so unique to our region. Served with freshly baked corn bread, it is high in vitamin C and iron.
2.00 bn Mid May-June
organic vegetable: cucumbers Cucumber
A member of the gourd family, cucumber was first cultivated in India about 3.000 years ago. According to the Ayurveda system of medicine and nutrition, cukes are cooling internally and restorative externally. Best culinary use has always been in salads, but I know my mother use to use it in soups as well. She is italian.
1.50 lb Mid June-Sept
organic vegetable: edamame Edamame
Deliciouis boiled in salty water, edamame is the celebrated gourmet soybean. Buttery flavor and nutritional content has made edamame as popular in the West in recent years as it has been in Asia for centuries.
4.00 lb July-Oct.
organic vegetable: nadia eggplant Nadia Eggplant
Eggplant fruit is usually baked, sauteed, cut into strips or cubes and fried, or stuffed. It belongs to the Solanaceae or nightshade family, which includes the sweet pepper, tomato and potato. Eggplant was so named because the first varieties introduced to English-speaking people had egg-shaped fruit
1.50 lb July-Sept
organic vegetable: oriental eggplant Oriental Eggplant
Similar to European varieties, Oriental Eggplant can be substituted in any recipe calling for eggplant. Can be stuffed, baked, grilled, pan-fried or ground up and used in sauces.
1.50 lb July-Sept
organic vegetable: sweet corn Sweet Corn
This all-american grain is a summer favorite boiled or grilled. We select one of the best varieties on the market, Delectable, to the delight of our customers.
6.00 dz July
organic vegetable: dino kale Dino Kale
Savoyed blue-green leaves, a very nutritionally dense vegetable . One three-ounce serving has more calcium than a glass of milk, more vitamin C and potassium than a glass of orange juice, more vitamin A than apricots, iron and a load of fiber. Steam lightly, sautee in a little olive oil or chopp up and add to a broth.
2.50 bn May-June
organic vegetable: green kale Green Kale
Solid large dark green leaves, has been grown for over 2,000 years. Has a mild cabbagy flavor. Lets put it this way: once there was spinach and your mother was pacified if you only ate yours. Now there is kale and mothers everywhere feel even stronger about their children eating theirs. Provides good amounts of vitamins A and C, folic acid, calcium and iron.
2.50 bn End May-June
End Sept-Nov
organic vegetable: red russian kale Red Russian Kale
Deeply lobed and ruffled leaves are extremely tender to eat. This is an heirloom variety and gets its name from the belief that Russian traders brought it to America. Largely preferred over green kale, it competes with the Dino kind for its palate-pleasing quality and highly nutritional features.
2.50bn May-June
organic vegetable: green leaf lettuce Green Leaf Lettuce
Solid large dark green leaves. In general, more perishable than head lettuce. All lettuce is low calorie and most of it is rich in calcium, iron and vitamins A and C. The darker the green leaves, the more nutrients. Meant to be used in salads.
1.75 Mid May-June
Mid Sept-Oct.
organic vegetable: red leaf lettuce Red Leaf Lettuce
Sweet ruffled leaves with redish tips, a favorite over for its flavor and tenderness. However, less resilient in storage than the green type.
1.75 Mid May-June
Mid Sept-Oct
organic vegetable: romaine lettuce Romaine Lettuce
Crisp, large framed lettuce, with pronounced flavor for your classic ceasar salad. The leaves are crisp and slightly bitter and the crunchy midrib is particularly tasty.
1.75 Mid April-June
Mid Sept-Oct.
organic vegetable: mizuna Mizuna
Japanese green, wonderful steamed lightly or just mixed raw in salads. Member of the mustard family.
2.50 bn April-June
Late Sept-Mid Nov.
organic vegetable: snow peas Snow Peas
A delicate spring vegetable, great in salads or for stir-fry. The tiny seeds inside are tender and sweet, shouldn't be shelled but eaten whole, pod and all. Both tips of a snow pea should be pinched off just before using.
5.50 lb Mid May-Mid June
organic vegetable: sugar snap peas Sugar Snap Peas
Edible-podded, snap pea is noted for its tall productive vines and succulent pods that can be eaten at any stage. Sugar snap peas are crisp, tender pods encasing the sweetest, plump, round peas imaginable. Sugar snap peas are actually a cross between the English peas and the snow pea.
5.00 lb Mid May-Mid June
organic vegetable: radish Radish
Crisp, cooling, radish is refreshing sheredded up and mixed in a salad, or sliced and fit in a sandwich. The globe type radish is low in calories with an abundance of flavor and crunch. A 1/2 cup serving (about 12 medium) of sliced radishes provides a good amount of potassium, vitamin C, folate and fiber
1.50 bn May-June
organic begetable: black radish Black Radish
With crisp, hot, white flesh, black radish is yet another variety of radish with the promise of subtle nuances in flavor. Looks cool sheredded garnishing a bowl of salad.
2.00 July-Oct.
organic vegetable: watermelon radish Watermelon Radish
Remarkably sweet, this variety is for those who like the flavor but not the spice in radishes. Round, with unique dark pink flesh, it is very similar in flavor and texture to turnips and dycon.
2.00 July-Oct.
organic vegetable: spinach Spinach
Dark green leaves, delicious in salad or quick steamed, spinach is the universal iron carrier, as well as a good source of vitamins A and C. Oxalic acid gives spinach a slight astringent taste.
6.00 lb
2.50 bn
April, May
Oct, Nov
organic vegetable: spring mix Spring Mix
A wonderful mix of fresh lettuces, arugula, mizuna and other fresh tender greens. All ready to eat!
6.00 lb April-Nov
organic vegetable: acorn squash Acorn Squash
Acorn shapped (duh), like other winter squashes, good source of iron, roboflavin and vitamins A and C. Can be baked, steamed or simmered. Sweet as pie filling, can also be a great addition to stews and soups.
1.00 lb July-Oct.
organic vegetable: butternut squash Butternut Squash
The monarch of the winter squashes, Butternut is hardly disliked by anyone, from babies to grannies and grandpapas everywhere. Very, very popular pumpiking-like texture and flavor makes a variety of options possible in the kitchen. Use it in soups, stews, steamed or mashed. Baked, can be sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon or sour cream, black pepper and salt. Good source of iron, riboflavin and vitamins A (more than summer squash) and C.
1.50 lb July-Oct.
organic vegetable: patty pan squash Patty Pan Squash
The darling of the summer squash set, it is best steamed, or when small, the taste is very smooth & buttery - especially if sauteed in a little bit of very good olive oil. Chefs love them!
1.50 lb End June-Sept
organic vegetable: yellow squash Yellow Squash
One of the many summer squashes, yellow is the most widely available through the summer. It can be prepared in many ways including steaming, baking, sauteing and deep-frying. Yellow squash is high in vitamins A and C as well as niacin. Very perishable, should be refrigerated in plastic bag for no more than 5 days.
1.50 lb June-Sept
organic vegetable: zucchini Zucchini
Fresh and tender summer squash, oblong with green skin, has white flesh with light texture and delicate flavor. Like in other squashes, A and C vitamins are there and are better retained if the squash is steamed lightly.
1.50 lb Mid June-Sept
organic vegetable: mixed swiss chard Swiss Chard
Green leaves with broad, succulent midribs, colorful stems, delicious and easy to prepare, can easily replace spinach for flavor and consistency. Good source of Iron as well.
2.50 bn End May-Oct
organic vegetable: tomatoes Tomatoes
Here is a veggie (technically a fruit) that needs no added introduction. We grow Roma for its no-mess feature, and the large heirloom type Rose for its incomparable flavor and juicyness.
2.25 lb July-Sept
organic vegetable: debarao Russian Plum tomatoes Russian Plum (Heirloom)
For processing and use in salads. Like most heirloom tomatoes it excells in flavor and consistency. A little on the down side, it presents shorter shelf life compared to hybreds.
2.25 lb July-Sept
organic fruit: sugar baby watermelon Sugar Baby Watermelon
Juicy, sweet and dense, a refreshing summer treat in a convenient smaller size.
3.50 July
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